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PEP - Python Educational Platform was made for those who are eager to learn through practise and repetition with respect the theoretical knowledge. My name is George and I'm a software and web developer. Programming is my passion. The first language I've ever used and still using is Python. I've created this website in order to help those who straggle, to get better by presenting them my way of learning. Hope you like it!

query Why Python?

Python has gained an incredible amount of audience over the past four years because it's relatively easy to begin with, makes the life of a developer simpler (no initial definition of constants), contains very strong libraries for Graphical User Interface (GUI), scientific projects, statistics, advanced calculations and more. You don't need prerequisites in order to begin coding your own scripts. You just need time to get familiar with the main structures (in order to use them well) and start your very own "niche" small projects.

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Python is an upcoming "Titan" language if not already, which means that the faster you dive into it, explore its potential, the more prepared you'll be for new web frameworks, new technologies and programming techniques. Why am I doing this isn't really so important. Just love to share stuff with "pythonians" friends out there, showing you what you're able to accomplish, when you just get starting with python or as an experienced user out there.

query Ready to learn Python?

Head to the Python link to see some examples, download and install python on your computer so we can start the fun coding your very own scripts. You'll have to get used to the syntax and the proper way you should write code (in my opinion), introducing you some beginners' concepts in order to get familiar. We'll both strive towards learning, so be minded, I'm no Guru or the best software engineer in the universe. Bare with me! | Contact Me | © 2016