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Study hard what interests you the most in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible. ~Richard Feynman

About me...

I'm a passionate geek who enjoys writing code for various purposes either for fun or solving a specific problem. What I love the most, is online learning. When I came across the first platform, I've instantly turned into an engaged and frequent student of those courses, learning new and exciting stuff. I also enjoy reading books, either on cosmology, differential calculus or some kind of scientific literature. "Following" the art scene, I'm a proud musician, playing the piano, guitar and saxophone.

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Here's a list of some courses I have completed from the year I've first came across online learning:

  • MITx – 3.086x: Innovation and Commercialization – edX
  • MITx – 16.00x: Introduction to Aerospace Engineering and Human Spaceflight – edX
  • MITx – 11.132x: Design and Development of Educational Technology – edX
  • MITx – 15.S23x: Transforming Business, Society and Self – edX
  • MITx – JPAL101x: Evaluating Social Programs – edX
  • HarvardX – MCB63x: Principles of Biochemistry – edX
  • LinuxFoundationX – LFS101x: Introduction to Linux – edX
  • AdelaideX – Project101x: Introduction to Project Management – edX
  • Using Python for Research – DataCamp through edX
  • Front End Development Certification – FreeCodeCamp
  • From GPS and Google Maps to Spatial Computing – Coursera
the list goes on...

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