About me

I'm an enthusiastic and focused software engineer and a Jack-of-all-trades who thrives to learn and further advance the principles of my field, with the goal of becoming an efficient and resourceful problem solver, reaching across many differenct disciplines. As an avid reader of the journal, I test new theories and implementations of various modules, acquiring an even better degree of understanding. Alongside my discipline, I'm also passionate about differential calculus, physics and biochemistry,

Who am I

As an engineer, my main focus is with my discipline, software engineering and web development. However, as I get more involved with technologies and other disciplines, my knowledge and skillset expands. This enables me to be more flexible once I've been tasked to apply anything into the real world. I've never been a believer of pursuing only one thing at a time. When you expose yourself to an array of subjects, you gain a certain clarity, clarity which enables you to combine, differentiate and further modify a problem that is thrown at you and have it work for you the way you want it to. Read my story that's been published by edX and view some of my courses that I've been participated and successfully completed throughout my journey of learning, so far.

Some of my skills that I've picked up and working on!

Native JavaScript
Neural Networks
Spatial Computing
Project Management
UX User Experience
Dynamic System Modelling using DEs