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Have you always wanted to learn Python? This is your self-paced way. Head over to my PEP Python Educational Platform and start learning right away.

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Software Development

Software development is the corner-stone of our age. You can program anything to do any task you want. If you put your mind to it. I work as an IT Consultant.

BioChem Software Research

Become an active research partner of the controlled human evolution initiative by sharing or implementing your own theory-idea.

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Hello and welcome! My name is George and I'm the founder of KSoftware. I'm an undergraduate student studying Computer Science. I'm passionate about web development and medical image processing. I really enjoy coding SPAs, my very own backend APIs or GUI apps using Python. Excited about the learning process and active veteran student in the edX platform with over a dozen courses completed. I follow a simple rule: learn something new everyday. That's actually the most apt description of what I do. Technologies I'm working with:

Skills in Progress

jQuery & JavaScript

Development Section

Development section will contain any products such as e-books and mini-"niche" tutorials, software etc. If you have any particular idea about a tutorial or something that you want to learn or build, leave me a message!

My Online Portfolio

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KSoftSearch Wiki

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Flexy Calculator

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TwitchTV API

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Simple jQuery Slider

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Meteorite Drops

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RegEx Validation

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Quoting Machine

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Weather Widget

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Python Platform

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Laser Beam v1.4

OS: Windows (Desktop)
Licence: ksoftware.eu
Price: Free
A small "niche" made to increase player's reaction time and coordination input. It has 25 levels with a speed increasing factor every 5. You need a mouse, time and dedication to fully enjoy this game.

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