print("Bishop's Engineering")

obj = ksoftware()


My name is George and I'm studying Computer Engineering. I'm passionate about programming, physics, differential equations and I'm an e-learning fanatic. I follow a simple principle which states that each day offers the potential for learning something new. KSoftware is a personal project I've started in 2014 and its main focus is on software and web development principles. It's a non-profit entity which aims to provide personal developments and discoveries upon certain studies. As a full stack developer I have a solid grasp of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and I am particularly love working with PHP, MySQL and Python.

About me...

A geek who enjoys writing code for various purposes either for fun or solving a specific problem. What I love the most, is online learning. When I came across the first platform, I've instantly turned into an engaged and frequent student of those courses, learning new and exciting stuff. I also enjoy reading books, either on cosmology, differential calculus or some kind of scientific literature. "Following" the art scene, I'm a proud musician, playing the piano, guitar and saxophone.


Here's a list of some courses I have completed from the year I've first came across online learning:

Other Projects